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18th of September
Finally all dogs from my First Litter been Hip and Elbow photographed with the best possible result! All A hips and 0 on the elbows.
I'm very happy for this result. It is something you can only dream about that rarely becomes a reality, especially when it comes to Tollers.

My Special litter is now 5 month old and I can only hope and dream that their health outcomes will be just as good when the time comes <3

(Redborn Special Effect) and Zita (Redborn Special Power), have both had their debut in Baby class both with the outcome BOB Baby and great critiques <3

Sif (Redborn Special Force) continues to impress and already make roundsearch (on the Search for person with barking at findings)

Dixie (Redborn First Contact) and Tinna has attended one more B class competition in DCH, with the result 134.35. They just need the last bit to get the necessary 160 points to get at ½ advancement, but they are approaching.!

has also for the first time participated in an unofficial agility competition in the novice class with a 3 position out of 10 as a result WTG!

Tristan (Redborn First Edition) participated at a few Dogshows. which gave him two placements in Best male 4th and 3th in Sweden and another Swedish Reserve CAC ... Now we have 4 of them ... But the coat is well on the way up so we hope for some advancement soon.
15th of August
Long time since I've updated here ... but energy and time has not just been my friend.
The weekend the 14th to 18th June my 3 lovely girls finally left for their new homes
Luna lives in Vallensbaek with Lars and Camilla and the plan with her is that she besides being showed also will be trained in hunting and game tracking. In time she will be used for practical hunt.

Zita lives in Sweden home with Gudrun, Anders, Lina, Sigrid and Toller Scott just north of Goteborg. Here, she will be shown and trained in many different areas and it is supposed that she is in training to become a hunting dog too.

Sif lives on the island of Bornholm along with Hanne, who work in the national emergency management. Here she has a party every day and besides being Hanne's buddy, it may be so that Sif will try out as a rescue and search dog ahead in the future.

All feedback until now has been amazing and I am so happy that my girls have gotten so wonderful home and that you are all so happy for them <3

d 8 June  4 from the first litter attended on a Mental Function description in Hilleroed.
Winston, Dixie, Tristan and Timi participated with ok results.
Much still needs to fall into place at the 4 young dogs but I got a good picture of the 4 dogs.
Results held on this page:
MH for more details press their names on the page.

I have also been finalized their hunting Function Description page:
JFB for more details press their names on the page.

Dixie has been up to the B test in DCH the 25th May. They were great and gained 119.5. In the end, Dixie became to tired in the end and could not concentrate on the last exercises. It was there they missed the needed points otherwise they would have been going to ½ advancement for the A class..

Super nice of Tinna and Dixie who had the handicap that Dixie was in heat and the wait was therefore getting longer for them when they were at the end of all every time.
Next time.... <3

The first health results have also come in.
Tristan, Timi and Winston all A hips and 0 elbows (excellent). Does not get any better :)
Waiting for the next x-rays the next few months. will have to wait a little longer before we do daisy and Journey, cause I have to find the money for it first.
Timi was also eyes checked and they detected Disticiasis the right eye but otherwise free.

Timi "Redborn First Challenger" has changed her home and now lives in Canada.

Show updates, Winston won another Danish CAC  and was 2nd best male at DKK int. Dogshow  June 16th .. congratulations!.
this boy becomes a champ during no time <3

Tristan took another BOB. This time in Germany at the National Dogshow in Bremen the 4th of August. He took his first German CAC and was Shortlisted in the group :) Very proud of my young male besides still needing a lot of development he was also almost completely out of coat.

I have putted a couple of new results , pictures and info in on the Results page

New tests and shows on the road in the fall for Redborn dogs.
Wish all the best of luck <3

24th of May
made a statistik with the first 4 results from the Hunting Function Description the 10th of may.

More explanations on some of the dogs results coming up and hopefully i will soon get a copy from the owners of Dixie and Winston.

First Litters Hunting function description



13th of May
Sorry time runs away and the puppies are already 1 month old!

The puppies grow and is getting more adorable, Although there are just 3 they are still very noisy
I'm about to have an intense sleep deprivation, but it is worth it!

On 9 May, the Winston show in Stepping and got his first Danish Cert as the first of Redborn puppies.

On May 10th we held the first kennel day where the whole Litter completed a hunting Functional Description with Annette Stentsoe, Christina Nørskov Sorensen and Christina Brandt.

It was
an exciting day in which some of the litter were a positive surprise, and others a less positive. But it is precisely the reason why these tests are so important to a breeder,

I just need some of the other dogs results, then I will put out a statistic for the whole litter.

thousand thanks to
you who are working to build this test again in Denmark. !

thanks to all involved for coming and to be a part of this <3
On 12 May at Tristan were at the Danish Toller Club conformation Show In
, I had tricked Linea with and I could concentrate their me to take some good pictures of the couple instead <3

The result was better than I had dared to hoped and Tristan took BOB
and got his first Danish CAC! My arms have not come down yet, so proud.

These next couple of weeks time I will devote myself to the small red girls as the great socialization machinery goes off now;) The dogs are cool and helps all well at home.

I entered a few Results to the Results link. It wont be all results that you will be able to se here only the really special ones that really means something <3 It doesn't matter if it is working nor Showing, both will be appreciated <3 Only thing is that I offcourse would like a picture of the dog & owner to brag with on this page.


13th of  April
Thursday evening the 11th of april the Redborn Exclusive litter were born.

3 strong girls. a more detailed presentation will follow in a couple of days.

Mom and puppies are doing fine and the little ones are gaining weight.



24th of May
made a statistik with the first 4 results from the Hunting Function Description the 10th of may.

More explanations on some of the dogs results coming up and hopefully i will soon get a copy from the owners of Dixie and Winston.

First Litters Hunting function description



03 of  April
Yesterday we were at the vet for X-raying Sessan. The result was mildly discouraging.
beeing able to feel many small embryos and especially see Sessan be extremely large when she was 6 weeks pregnant, revealed X-ray now that the large number had been reduced to 3 embryos.

For some reason, the other embryos not been healthy and the puppies have been re absorbed.

The last 2 days I have instead spent on contacting all my puppy buyers and have had to disappoint many. Hope you succeed finding your wish puppies somewhere else.....

Now there is countdown to the birth. and we look forward welcoming the "exclusive" litter


21 of  March
Today there is under 3 weeks more to go before Sessan is to give birth and we are exited. Sessan is growing a lot and we do have a feeling there might be more puppies inside her that there was in the previous litter of 6.

In the beginning of April we will have her x-ray done so we know excactly how many we are to expect. :o)



25 of  February
Saturday we went to Show Of Winners ( )

Tristan had been entered in the Debutant Class and he enjoyed it really a lot <3

He did very well at Allround judge Arne Foss and out of 16 promising juniors he ended up among the last 4 in the semifinals, but he was beaten by a nice Lhasa Apso.
The winner
of the debutant was a beautiful Clumber Spaniel. <3

Very proud of Tristan who received a lot of praise on the road .. and plenty of spotlight is the coolest according to him: o)

Thanks to Katrine Jeppesen who had taken up the task to show my lovely boy <3
You looked great together in the ring <3

Here is a link to the film of him out on  Youtube :

D 7 and 8 February, we had mating between Sessan and Kid in Italy.

The tour
at this time appears to have been successful, as Sessan has changed a lot behavior already taken 2 kg and this morning the first signs of morning sickness occurred, so I dare say now that there is clearly puppies her. How many Only time will tell.

The other dogs are very observant on her and clearly a lot more caring. Really exciting to observe this. Is no doubt that they will be great to have when the puppies get bigger.

It is expected puppies around April 10: o)

If you are interested to hear more about this litter you can contact me at Contact



  25 of  January  




Sessan came into heat the 23th of January. She and I will start our journey towards Italy the 4 of February. If everything goes as planned then the puppies will be born around the 10th of April and ready to move away from home in the middle of June



  08 of  January  


Super News!!

Sessans DNA samble on  JADD (Juvenile Addison) og CP1(Cleft Palate) came back Clear on both :o)

This means that the Whole First litter is CP1 Clear by parentage and JADD Probable Clear by parentage, because daddy max have been tested Clear also.

I am so pleased with this result.



  06 of  January  


Hope all of you have come well into the new year.

Here the dogs took New Year's fireworks with elevated calmness. and from what I have heard from the rest, Redborn First litter they had taken it all pretty cool for which I am really happy to hear. <3

The year started with a trip to Scandinavia's largest show MYDOG in Gothenburg, Sweden. Tristan was shown in Junior Class and I hoped a little that he would do well again.

He did! 2 x Reserve CAC. Crufts qualification 2014, ranking as 4 and 5 best male both days. Only beaten by champions and respectively an open class male and a junior class Male each of the day.
Bearing in mind that he is just the 13 month old I can not help but be really

Now DKK Fredericia is next in  about 1 month and I am really looking forward to this <3
We have begon to await for Sessan to come into season and I reckon it with to happen within the next month. perhaps before.