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  16 of December  


This weekend was Tristan, Benedikte and I on a trip to Stockholm to attend the year's biggest title show in Sweden with titles Swedish Winner and Swedish Junior Winner at stake.

Tristan was entered as the second youngest in a class with 10 junior males. It all went jolly well  and he won the class with CQ, Crufts qualification and his first title as SE  JV-12 (Swedish Junior Winner 12) and finished off with being 3 best Male!!

Unbelievable proud!

The 28 of November became the "First" litter One years old and it was celebrated in style :)
Congratulations to: Tristan, Journey, Daisy, Winston, Timi and Dixie.
The names are put in the order in which they were born <3
All are healthy happy dogs and it is the most important thing for me and the first criterion for whether I have made a decent litter <3

Tristan has been Signed up to the debutants cup at SHOW OF WINNERS
I have for years dreamed of participating with one of my dogs, but every time my dogs have been qualified is something that has come in the way as:
Noah: BIG3 result at Int. DKK Dogshow - 14 days after he died in an accident ..
Sessans BIS4 a Retriever exhibition - she had puppies when there was show of winners ...... : P
(and now she is so International, but again she will hopefully be pregnant with the next Redborn litter when this show take place

Cup debutants must be "approved" / invited to get one of the 16 seats and Tristan was not found too light in this context <3 Super proud and happy!



  10 of November  



A nice weekend is over. We participated at DKK's last show in Herning, which contained the entire 2 title Shows Danish winner and Nordic winner.

The results were mixed, so it is always when you ask juniors. Daisy was shown Saturday and the judge was crazy about her, unfortunately she pulled when he wanted to examine the body and he could not give her more than VG, something he was very sorry about when he told me that he thought she was absolutely perfect.
Tristan was too slim for judges both days and got Excellent3 one day and VG4 the next.

Winston turn really fell in taste with the judge on Sunday and ended up being placed as 3 Best Male with reserve CAC!


Skilled Dixie and owner Tinna has emerged in DCH's B class, with excellent results to follow. still waiting for the points, but it would be quite nice up there of!

The male to the next litter is also determined, take a look past the Litterpage


  23 of October  


Usj, time has gone too fast. but here is some news:

On October 14, Daisy  participated at her first show. On the day she was sadly very nervous and unsure of everything and the judge had to give her a VG. Something she was really sorry to do because she thought that Daisy was incredibly nice and predicted her that she would get very far in the future.
Brother Winston also attended and was again rewarded a fine criticism and Excellent, but without CK Cause he needs more ring training and needs to get some more stable in his run.

Sadly I had to drop the first intended Litter combination for spring between Sessan and a beautiful English male.
Given the time of year and would have to sail across the lively North Sea with a bitch in heat to stay in the car over when crossing. Was my fear that this would stress Sessan very much.
Something is definitely not worth it, as it can have a negative impact on both her season and her ability to keep the eggs afterwards (that was also the reason i didn't fly to Vancouver with Sessan and back again, But instead those to inseminate a thing I cant afford to do again at the moment).

Another option was to drive all the way to France and take the Car-Train under the Canal, but since I have never driven in England before ("wrong side of the road" I dare not venture myself out on a trip that involve having to drive around London too.

Instead I have another Stud in mind, but still waiting for the results on some individual health tests before I know if it is going to be him and can announce anything. I hope it will be really successful!

there was Litter gathering. All the puppies (the now 10 months) from First Litter showed up and it was amazing to see how similar they were <3 I am a very proud breeder!


  15 of September  


Super nice debut Winston had in Junior Class today at the International show in Vejen.
9 month old, he recieved a super nice critique of today's judge, however the judge, would not give CK because he was so  young.
I'm soo proud of this great result <3
Congratulations to
Anne and Kristian :o)


  12 of September  


Uff, once again it have been too long since I last updated this page.

Winston finished his impressive career in puppy class the 26th of august and once again took BOB puppy with good critique of another breed known judge.

Now await's the Junior class for young juniors :o) and handsome Winston, will be the first one who makes his debut this next weekend <3


  13 of August  


This weekend the Redborn boys have been at shows.

Winston attended the Tollerclub show in Horsens and was again BOB puppy. Very nice and thorough critique was written on this handsome boy. : o)
Another show in puppy class waits Winston before he and the others come into junior class: o)

Tristan and I was on a trip to Sweden, where Tristan (the last time in puppy class) were shown at the SKK show in Ronneby. He took BOB puppy once again. (He got competition from 3 other puppies). : o))


  07 of August  


Sessan has been on Dogshow in Germany this weekend.
It gave us a CAC and BOB with us home.
Now she "Just" need the last 3 CAC's in the hunt for the German show championship :o)


  07 of July  



Friday the 6 of July Sessan and i went on a day trip to Sweden to partisipate at the International CACIB show at Tvaaker.
It went very very well and Sessan took Best of Breed with this great critic :
"Championbitch, Excellent Comformation, Wellpresented"

In group she was shortlisted among the 6 best in group. I am so proud of her :o)

I have updated with height and weight on the whole "First" litter now 7 month old <3


  19 of June  


Tristan and Daisy was shown 1 day each in Puppy class at the double CACIB show in Ballerup/Denmark.

They both won BOB Puppy,  got super critic's and entrie in the honour ring later on :o)

Really good training for them both <3


  02 of June  



Finally back with a whole new homepage after a homepage Crash last year.
The following weeks I will try to reconstruct the remaining pages. so please have patience :o)

Today Winston - Redborn First Discovery vundet BOB puppy on FDA dogshow in Stepping. Huuge congratulations to Anne and Kristian!