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We wish you a happy New Year.

Vicky have been mated the 20th and 21th of December and now we cross all we have for a succesfull outcome.
According to the rest of the gang it have been as they give Vicky a very special status.

If all goes well she will give birth around the 20th of february.



Vicky have come into heat.

 For more info. please have a look at my page under Puppies.


Tristan's youngest litter have turned 20 weeks. I am very pleased with what he have produces with these lovely bitches.

I have desided to offer him for breeding on a very limited scale from second half of 2018 if his ofsprings continues to develop as fine a they have done until now.

If curious I have gathered the litter health statistics here :

Tristan litterstatistic


We have been in Poland on the double Cacib show in Poznan. it became a great experience :

Tristan (Redborn First Edition) - 2xCAC , 1 Cacib, BOB, Polish Show Champion and Polish Winner 17

Sessan (Springer Nova's Redborn Princess) - 2xVeteran CAC, BOS, Polish Veteran Winner 17

Vicky (Redborn Ultimate By Request) - Reserve CACIB


Dixie (Redborn First Contact) and owner Tinna - Club Champion in DCH A class 2017.
Very proud of this team!!





Not much showing for any of my dogs this summer, but the 27th august we went to Eurodogshow in Ukraine to enter Josefine and Tristan in the European Juniorhandler Championship. Which they won.


Tristan was entered at the Tolling Hunting test in Denmark this summer and gained another 1 price to his collection becoming qualified for openclass in tolling hunting test in denmark aswell with a new title : TJB(DK).
Vicky got a third price.

Chinook (Redborn Ultimate Tribute) Entered his first WC test in Canada and passed. Congratulations <3

Flint (Redborn Ultimate Ferryman) gained his C Diploma in Holland on Dummies. Congratulations <3


All  the details for the upcoming litter here at Redborn are in place and you can read more on the Puppy page.



Long time since last I updated seems to have become a bad habit....


Dixie (Redborn First Contact) managed after a few entries in A class at DCH go get a couple of 2 prices and then she once again showed her high class and got a 1 price. WOW just WOW now only one more 1 price is needed this year then she and Tinna will be ready for Elite Class next year!!

Sif (Redborn Special Force) Got another title in Rally-O with Rally-O Advanced Champion <3

Hugo (Redborn Ultimate Fighter) showed his working talent and not only did he get 1 price on obedience. he also entered at blood tracking test with the best results possible - 1 price with Honour Price and won best tracking dog of the day aswell <3

Chinook (Redborn Ultimate Tribute) passed the RGP (Retriever Gebrauchs Prüfungen) the highest level of Retriever hunting test in Germany, which are taken over 2 days with honours. Chinook became the winner of the test, beating all the other retrievers <3 I was a very very proud breeder that day for sure!!
Chinook also partisipated at his first practical huntings with excellent results! <3

Vicky (Redborn Ultimate By Request) Entered in 2x Tolling Hunting Test Beginner with lovely results. Day one gave a 3 price and on day second she got a 1 price qualifying her for Openclass Tolling Hunting Test in Sweden.

Sessan, Vicky and Tristan have also partisipated on their first practical hunts. Especially Vicky did stand out and showed some marvoulous work. I am looking very much forward partisipating on both practical hunts and field tests in the future with Vicky and Tristan.
Sessan is getting older so I will only try to have her with me on 1 practical hunt if possible in 2017 because she loved it.


Tristan (Redborn First Edition)  have been used in breeding in Czech Republic, Scotland, Holland, 2x Sweden. And waiting for the arrival of puppies in Finland and hopefully in Italy within the next months. I have after this desided to withdraw him from Breeding , because I think that 7 litters is enough for a studdog to have especially considoring that some of his offsprings probably will enter breeding when their time comes.

Vicky ((Redborn Ultimate By Request) have been through all the health exams needed for Breeding all excellent except from her ECVO where was noted that she had 1 eye hair (Distichiasis). I am very very pleased with her overall and will be looking very much forward to having her first litter probably spring 2018.

For more information please have a look on my Puppy page.