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Uff once again to long lime have passed since last update. and honestly is have not been because of a lack of results.. so here we go :D


The 27th of August Sif (Redborn Special Force) and Hanne entered the Danish Kennel Clubs Champion competition 2016 and out of 20 qualified to compete in Rally O Novice competition, they WON!!
What a super team these two are <3

Picture Credit : Mathilde Jensen

The week after on the 03 and 4th of September Chinook (Redborn Ultimate Tribute) and Janine entered the Belgium Toller Club  Tolling Field Test weekend.
They did so well that they both days gained Excellent = 1 price on the test!
On top of it all they won the prestigious price of
"The Belgium Summer Trophy" AND got the “Judges Choice” under judge Sverker Haraldsson
The future is so bright for this team, thank you for your dedication!

Picture Credit : Patrick Butzlaff

More on the Working side :

At this years Tollerspecialty Chinook sadly was the only Redborn entered as I had to cancel my trip.
He did very well though. A 2 price on the Tolling Field test and 4th placement in large Intermediate class.


Tristans two Daughters from Czech Republic were entered at the Tollerspecialty aswell and Ida (Absolute First Ida Garonera) Got a 1 price and best dog on the rute under Judge Sverker Haraldsson (16 entered).
Izolda (Absolute First Izolda Garonera) got a 2nd Price (missed 1 duck in the search)

Tristans son Rasmi (Absolute First Rasmus Garonera) entered the 3th of september the water rescue test in Belgium and passed with excellent result.

Sooo proud of Tristans offsprings!!


More Redborns have been through health examinations.

Hugo (Redborn Ultimate Fighter) have been through a tough time these last couple of month. In the summer he all of the sudden became very sick due to a acute Pancreas infection. Luckily he survived and at the moment he is going through a long rehabilitation.
During all this owner Sara notised that he was having problems with his knees and after further investigation at veterinarian and a specialist, they found out that Hugo have Patella grade 1 in both knees.
On the positive side is that he got Excellent hips and elbows, but he will never be able to become Sara's agility dog. good thing is that he will be able to do loads of other stuff <3

Vicky have been Hips and elbow tested aswell at my favourite veterinarian specialist on this "Ib Eberhard".
According to Ib the hips were perfect and the final evaluation was also A hips and 0 on elbows. And the
Degenerative Myelopathy test from Ofa came back Homozygous N/N, Clear

5 of the 8 puppies from the Ultimate litter have been Hips tested with the best result possible A hips!!

Happy happy happy.

As Vicky have always been the kamikaze toller here at home jumping from high ground down on hard tiled terrace along with her always beeing part of the Mountain Goat team here at home ;) LOL

Now only the Eye exam and the dna test on CLPS remains, then Vicky is ready to enter my future breeding programme when I think she is ready for it and of course still need to find the right male for her. Plans are that i will be even more focused on finding a super working male to compliment her excellent skills as a Hunting dog. This will be a Working litter no doubt. But this is all out in the future as I wont take a litter on her before late 2017. :D

Tristan have become a father again this time in Holland. very nice litter of 2 Bitches and 6 Males.

In beginning of June I visited the puppies after Chanter/Tristan In Scotland and I loved them <3

Visited the puppies after Loena/Tristan in Holland the 26-27th august and they were just adorable.

A busy fall is ahead of us. For me here at Redborn there will be some Tolling Field Tests with both Tristan and debut for Vicky.

Tristan will as usual be the Juniorhandler dog for Josefine until middle of November then his carrier as Juniorhandler dog will be over.



First of all finally it happened Tristan and I got our act together and managed to get 2x1 prices (Excellent) on the Toller Field Tests (with Cold game) the 7th and 8th of May and are now Qualified for Open Class Tolling Hunt :D

Soo proud of my Tristan who worked his ass of for me <3

Now the Redborn kennel have 2 dogs from different litters but same mother qualified for Open Class Tolling Field Test!!

Dixie and Tinna had their final results from the A class under the Danish Civil Dogtraining Associationon and the results were a amazing 213 points out of 300 and was awarded a 2 price!!

SOOOO proud!

Tristan have sired a litter in Scotland at Lornford Kennel 6 girls and 5 boys. unfortunetly 1 boy was lost, but 10 remains big and strong over 3 weeks old now. Going to visit Scotland in a couple of weeks and looking very much forward to it. :)

Tristan have also mated with a dutch bitch last week so now all fingers are crossed for a nice, big and healthy litter at
V. D. Tollerhof.
From both kennel the puppy buyers list are full.

A lot more results and info will be coming these next couple of month. Thanks to all the lovely owners of my Redborn's for giving them good lives with loads of activity and love.


What a great year this has been so fare <3 Now the Redborns are showing their abilities in the field aswell.

From the Ultimate litter Chinook was the first one out passing the
Youth Examination for Hunting Ability with 258 points (max points 286)
Have to say I am soo proud of our youngster and super happy that Janine and Patrick are working so great,
 with this young boy <3

Picture Credit : Patrick Butzlaff

Tristan and I finally succeded on the Toller Field Test (with cold game) in Sweden and got a 2 price!!
Soo close to the 1 price now.
We will give it another go these next month to try to get the advancement to Open Class.

Sooo happy that Sessan now has atleast 1 offspring in each of her litters with a field merit and more will come for sure!

Tristan Is going to be a daddy again in 2 weeks time (all puppies are already spoken for) and a couple of planned matings will be in the future In different parts of Europe. One in The Netherland (waiting list have been closed), and a mating in Sweden this summer. If interested in hearing more You can contact me. to get more information.
Tristan make working dogs for working Not Pet dogs!



A lot have happened these last 2 month.

Health :

The first lovely health results on the Ultimate litter have come with the best result ever!

Chinook (Redborn Ultimate Tribute) have been tested clear on all DNA tests and no remarks on his eyetest. only thing remaining now are the  Hips and Elbow testings. :D

Flint (Redborn Ultimate Ferryman) have been tested clear on all the DNA tests aswell and got the result A hips and 0 on elbows :D

Matey (Redborn Ultimate Danehaven) got a  lovely score on hips and elbows on 3/4 which gives another lovely result of excellent hips (A) dna testing on this lovely guy is also on its way :D

Vicky (Redborn Ultimate By Requests) have been tested Clear on DEN and within the next half year I will have all her health tests done.

Huuge congratulations to the owners. so happy that the litter so fare shows good health <3

Tristan (Redborn First Edition) have been dna tested for PRA and CEA at Optigen for verification and ofcourse got the results back Clear/ Normal.

Tristan have become a grand daddy as his son in Holland have sired his first litters. and his daughter in Poland is expecting puppies sometime in April.

Tristan have had a mating in february and hopefully it was succesfull <3

There are 2 more matings involving Tristan planned this spring in Holland and in Sweden. for more information you can PM me.

Working Results

Dixie (Redborn First Contact) and owner Tinna had a super debut in A class under the Danish Civil Dogtraining Association.
After only two month of training they did very well and are planning a bunch of A class tests this year now!!

Show of Winners

Stunning picture taken by Matilde at Cantor foto <3

Once again Tristan was entered to this years Show Of Winners, this time in Champions Cup. Honorary Judge this year was mr Frank Kane from Britain. Tristan made it to second round in this cup before he was send out by a smashing American Akita. That competition is soo hard as you can come up against all kind of other breeds. but it is soo fun :D

Breed Seminar with Frank Kane

Earlier in february I was contacted by the Spaniel Club to hear if I would like to deliver 2 Tollers for a Spaniel and Retriever Seminar with Frank Kane. I ofcourse said yes. Was a little worried he might not like my dogs but that was a chance I was willing to take. as I am fully aware of my dogs falts and weaknesses but also know their strong parts ;)
Luckily for me he did actually like my dogs very much so lucky me <3

Meeting Midas in Holland

On our way on road trip we visited shortly Midas (Redborn Ultimate Triumph) He live in a wonderful area with streams and small like doll houses just 5 km from the center of Amsterdam. Jacqueline and Henk showed wonderful hospitality and we loved the dinner that they had arranged for us.

Midas is a shy dog but very kind if one just doesnt push him then he go away. I have often wondered if it had to do with him developing undershoot if it did harm him a little mentaly. But he got defenetly the best home and people who love him for his little special mentality. He was very interested in mommy sessan who told him to take it easy LOL

Loved his bone and structure. sooo strongly build and the fastes swimmer ever  :D


Team Redborn have been to Crufts.

Vicky entered Yearling Class as probably the youngest out of 11 and was placed 5th with VHC (Very Highly Commended). I am very proud of my young girl who have been strugling with feeling secure in a showring after a bad experience last summer.

Tristan entered Open Class but had sort of dropped all his coat those last couple of days before crufts. and was not shortlisted but he was one of the males the judge went over once again before selecting her final 5 for shortlisting. (15 entered)

Sessan entered Veteran Class with an entry of 13 and WON!! Very very proud of her and Josefine who rocked the showring with my doggies.

I did also meet Matey (Redborn Ultimate Danehaven) just as pretty and promising as ever. but need a lot of time before he matures in body. but hey talking about a really good redwine ;)

Present at the show was also 2 Tristan ofsprings Rasmi (Absolut First Rasmus Garonera) from Schweizerland who won a third placement in Post Graduate Class out of 15 entries. and daughter Izolda (Absolutely First Izolda Garonera) from Czech Republic who won Special Working Gundog Class out of 7 entries :D

Have to say i am very very proud!!

Here is a group picture of my dogs with Tristans offsprings. From the left :
Tristan, Vicky, Sessan, Rasmi and Izolda.