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25 / 12
The year have almost come to an end. Here at Redborn we celebrate a great year.

A year where the first Redborn became International Show Champion
Redborn First Edition "Tristan"
Huuge thanks to Josefine for showing Tristan to his wins through out the year :D
With Tristan as her main dog Josefine also finished this year as Runner Up Juniorhandler in Denmark.

Redborn First Edition

Redborn First Contact "Dixie" and her owner Tinna kicked some butt and qualified for B class championship in Danish Civil Dog owner association + qualified the A class next year!

Redborn First Contact
Picture Credit : Tinna Sørensen

Redborn First Discovery "Winston" and owner Kristian entered his first Game Tracking test with a first price and qualified for open class.

Redborn Special Force "Sif" and owner Hanne won their first title as Rally-O Novice Champion and are working as novice for Search and Rescue Dog!

Redborn Special Power "Zita" and Sigrid entered their first Tolling Fieldtest with a First Price as result and qualified for open class. Zita also won her first titles this year LP1 - Obedience class Novice. Rally-O Novice and Advance Champion.

Through the year some Redborn's have entered Tolling Tests without results but with big promises for the future which I think need to be told about here aswell 

Redborn Ultimate Tribute "Chinook" and Janine entered at a couple of Tolling tests and showed great abilities both times, but need more time to mature on the obedience part. That will come. He does have so much talent!

Tristan and I entered Tolling tests in Sweden with 0 as results. Mainly because their terrain is so much different from what is in Denmark. and some other stuff that gave us experience for the future. There are so many positive things to like though so I am looking forward to 2016.

The youngest in the Ultimate litter are almost 16 month old now. In the spring the first HD and AD results will come in and hopefully continue the statistic after Sessan as breedingbitch to be very nice.

I am not planning any litters at Redborn before earliest 2017.

Tristan is on the other hand going to be more active in Europe as studdog. After making a really really nice litter at Garonera kennel in beginning of 2014, I have now accepted some matings next year in countries like The Netherland and Sweden just to mention some.
Tristan have proven himself to make very good workingdogs with good health and mentality but offcourse I wont be able to se how much he dominate on this matter, before I have seen him make more litters.

I get a lot of very nice feedback on my puppies around Europe. Almost all of them have an active life where some are very active into different kinds of dogsports.
Most important though is it that they have a loving family/owner that see them and love them. I love to get messages of how smart they are, about how they surprices their owners positively in every way eventhough the owners have had toller before. That makes me very happy..

Sending loads of love to my Redborn's all over the world. And send a BIG thank you to the owners of my babies!

Looking forward to 2016, where the first big event will be Crufts in Birmingham in March with Sessan, Tristan and Vicky.

Happy New Year
Anina and the Dogs


  30 / 09  
Redborn Special Power "Zita" and Sigrid have gained another working title "LP1" and are now getting ready for their debut in LP2 class.

Redborn First Contact "Dixie" and Tinna have been partisipating at the Danish Championship in B class the 26th and 27th of September. The terrain was difficult and they ended up with a 29th place out of 35 qualified but those 35 worked hard to qualify and I am soo proud of you!

Tristan and Vicky have been in Austria on double Dogshow. Vicky got 2xExcellent, but sadly no CC for her this time.
Tristan won 2xCC and on Sunday he won CACIB and BOB aswell.
A huge thank you to Breed Specialist Eeva Rautala (finland) for appreciating my boy.
Now Tristan only need 1 CACIB for the International Ch title.

More test results might come up within the next couple of weeks.



  14 / 09  
The homepage is almost finished. I have made litter statistics for Health and Merits. Have a look at the pages.

The picture is of Redborn First Contact "Dixie" who qualified for the Danish Championship in B class at the end of September.

Good Luck to Dixie and Tinna!

Redborn First Contact
Picture Credit : Tinna Sørensen




  31 / 08  
Sorry I have not been updating for quite a while. As you can se the homepage is getting a whole new look. More info and update will be here and on the other pages the next couple of days.

We have so many new results both on work and show after the Redborn Puppies!



  10 / 02  

A lot have happened these last couple of month.

My Ultimate litter are 5 month old now and except from my own Vicky the rest is spread all over Europe in countries as The United Kingdom, Holland, Germany, Sweden and Finland (at the moment that one is staying in Spain)

I am very happy with the feed back from the owners and cant wait to se what will happen further more with those kids.

In december Tristan, Josefine and I went to Germany in the hunt for the final needed CAC for the German Champion title. Not only did he take the CAC needed he also became BOB one day and BOS the other day.

In beginning of January we went to Sweden to enter the big show MYDOG. Here Tristan became Reserve Best Male  with CAC and Reserve CACIB and became Swedish Champion.

As these titles released his danish champion title aswell so now I have my first own made Champion in the house :

Redborn First Edition

I am very very proud and happy!

This weekend Tristan entered in Juniorhandling with his great handler Josefine Sandby and won Best in Show Juniorhandler


Just love the way they are connecting! Very proud of them both!

I promise to "Try" to update a little more in the future.

Sessan have retired from the breeding programme and will in the future be entered at a few shows.
Planning to enter her at a working test in the retriever club in the summer time. and just se what to do from there.

Tristan is going to enter at some tolling field test in the summer and if all goes well have a try on a real hunt in the fall :-)

Vicky I just let her stay puppy for a while and have no solid plans for her yet other than a lot of socializing and basic obedience.

Daisy she remains my Mascot :-) , so just a lot of playing ball with her to keep her happy.