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  06th of September  
Finally having time for some updates. A lot have happened these last 2 month !

Updates will be seen on the pages Results , Puppies, and the dogs of my breedings pages

Puppies :
Sessan and Rivers puppies were born the 29th August between 00.05 at midnight and 07.00 in the morning. 8 puppies were born, 1 female and 7 males. all are doing well.
Puppies will be ready for their new homes the 31th of October.

At this time I only have 1 male not spoken for yet.

If interested in one of my remaining boys you can contact me by mail :

Working Results :

Dixie have been entered the 31th of August 2014
at the Danish Civil Dogorganisations (DCH) in B Class  and did super well with 172.65 points (max 200) and a 5th placement out of 21 entries!

Which gives them a half advancement for the A class higher class

Show Results :

In august Tristan was entered at the VDH dogshow in Bremen with CC and BOB as result. Now only 1 more CC is requiret for the German champion title.
He also was entered at the DKK Int show Bornholm and won another danish CC only beaten by Champions that was double his age. Now only 1 more CC is needed for the Danish champion title.

Zita was shown in sweden  last weekend with the result Very Good 2. Very nice critic she got, but the judge wanted her to get more body and mature more. It will come :D




  17th of July  
3-4 month between every news update has become more and more normal.....
But dont dispare I often make small updated on the page.

Here is what have happened this last couple of month.

Puppies :
Sessan and I was in Holland in the end of June on a couple of dates with River and his owner Ida.
It went very well and at this moment I am 99% certain that the matings were a succes :D'

If Sessan have not fooled me then we will be expecting a new bunch of Redborn's the 28-30th of August. leaving for there new homes in beginning of November.

Health :

First Hip and Elbow results on the Special litter have come back.

Sif "Redborn Special Force"
Hips : A and C hip. (mild Dysplasia on 1 hip)
Elbows : 00 (excellent no remarks)

The Dysplasia should not give her any problems in the future as she is a very active dog and it wont stop Hanne and her from continuing their goal to education with in the Search and Rescue Dog or their plans to do some agility.
But yes.. I  had hoped there would not be any remarks at all on sweet Sif ..

Within the next couple of month I expect the next results to come in from Luna and Zita, so I keep my fingers crossed.

Sessan was eye examed last month before mating. her eyes came out with no remark. The 1 disticiasis hair she had back in 2011 was all gone. very nice for me to know, but again have one had the diagnose 1 time it will follow one for life. But the good thing is that I dont have to worrie that she will ever be bothered when that 1 hair obiesly comes and goes :)

Both Sessan and Tristan have been through a bunch of DNA tests these last couple of month.

Sessan on
DM (
Degenerative Myelopathy)  
Cleft Lip Palate Synd
Her results came back Clear/Normal on both tests :D

Tristan on  
DM (
Degenerative Myelopathy)
CLPS (Cleft Lip Palate Synd
CP1 (Cleft Palate)            
BUFF (DTR BUFF colour test)
JADD (Juvenile Addison Disease)
His results came back Clear/Normal on all 5 tests :D

Working Results :

Dixie have been entered at 2xB class tests in DCH.
27/4 2014
121,8 points Placement.: 18 out of 25

11/5 2014
140,35 points placement.: 13 out of 33

Tristan was entered at the Working Retriever Test (Qualifying test)  in May and passed with max points.

The 12th July he entered a Working Test in the Retriever Club. He showed me that all the skills we have been working on was super, but I was not prepared that he would be a little intimidated by the big Gun Man who stod very close to he and I on the markings. As he and I have been training all alone this have not been possible to include. So now I know what we have to work on until next test.

Show Results :

I have entered Tristan at a couple of shows but still no succes in getting those needed CC's for the collection. on the other hand we have gathered 2x Danish Reserve CC's :P

But we wont give up yet ;)

Zita was shown in sweden in the spring with result Very Good 3 in a big class of juniors. She got a very nice critic but at that time she needed much more volume bone and everything. she is getting there now though so ill be looking so much forward seeing where she is getting.

Luna had her debut in junior class with result Very Good 2 - very nice critic, but she was stubborn in the ring and would not cooperate with me in the ring so didnt get to show her running proberly.




  18th of March  
Very long time since last update. a lot have happened.

The plans for Sessan's third and last litter have come out. I am expecting very much from this combination and feel very exited.
For now the buyers list is almost full. but if you think you have the perfect home for a Redborn puppy, then dont hesitate to PM me.

From this litter i am also looking for a co owner on a male and a bitch. if it sounds interesting then dont hesitate to PM me to hear about how it works.

Tristan became father for the first time the 20th of january to a lovely litter at garonera kennel. 3 girls and 3 boys. all looking stunning. I have very high hopes for these puppies.
Next planned mating for tristan will be in april/may where he will have a couple of dates with Kanutten at Tigerstadens kennel.

First Danish Champion of my breeding was a reality in the middle of February. Winston (Redborn First Discovery) became Danish show Champion.!

2 weeks ago we visited Crufts for the very first time. It was an amazing experience and defenetly worth another visit next year :)

Cant wait to se what these next couple of month has planned for us.