Influence of puppies is of outmost importance, as it helps shape and give the puppy the vital resources in their package when leaving home.

Puppies from me are therefore not ready to leave home before they are 9 weeks, since I want the time to provide them with the additional embossing I do consider very important!

During the first weeks they will stay in my bedroom. As they get older they will come out into the rest of the house whether it's in the living room or utility room and get used on everyday sounds such as Washing Machine, Dryer, Kitchen machines, vacuum ect.

They will also have access to a large enclosed garden, where they get plenty of space to unfold. and we will try to arrange visits to children, and meeting with various dog breeds but first when they have been to the veterinarian for their first health check.

I consider it important that they get some extra
experiences at home, we put different gears up as they can balance on, walk through, etc.

During the time the puppies are living at home, we will strive to already a couple days old let them get acquainted with game blood.

When they are a few weeks old, they will also be presented with the game of different origin that is both feathered and fur game. This will happen several times during the time they are at home with us.

The plan is that they must have some adventure tours such as city tour, picnic, beach. All off course depending on the weather broadcasts.

Koege City Trip with help from my cool puppy buyers Rune and Tinna.

a trip to the riding school to meet the horses and other animals.

Visiting my dear friend Anette and her Horses at Ditlevhoej Riding School

At 7 weeks they will go through a structural analysis, where every part of the puppies is looked through, measured and compared to the Breed standard. This is a great tool for me as a breeder to get a picture of what my bitch gives. and also when having to deside on final place amongst the puppy buyers.

They are ready for the big new world when they leave home!

Puppy Buyers

It will be weighted heavily that the dam of the litter is trained for Hunting purpose.. The male does not need to be Hunting merited, but must be out of good working lines and have proven that he can work.

It will therefore be given that the puppies come out to active home where the owners are doing some sort of dog sports.

My future breeding plans you can read about here    


Send me a email where you tell about yourselves.
Further more, you are always welcome to come and meet our Toller to see if this is where your new family member will come from.

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