Sessan 7 weeks old

Kennel Redborn is a small kennel, located on the outskirts of the town Ringsted, Denmark (no more than a half hour drive from Copenhagen).

To begin with, I never planned or thought about getting a kennel name, or even thinking towards breeding. But the more I got to know the breed and was lucky enough to get a dog of very high quality, the idea began to work in my head ...

The plan was eventually to build a small kennel with my dog Noah as foundation stud. In May 2009 I got a little bitch, a daughter of Noah home. She got the requirements I would ask for a breeding bitch and the first Redborn litter came into the world 28 of November 2011.

With me, females will at their earliest be used for breeding when they are 2 years old. I think they should be given the time they need to mature. In some cases I could easily decide to wait further time, as lines can be very late in the physical development and mental maturity.
It shall be in place before puppies are made!

A young dog is not always easy to se how it ends on the mental level, as they often need a certain age and maturity before you see the finished result.

Breeding Goals

Sessan 7 weeks old


I want to have the whole package - Health - Mentality - Working abilities and Exterior. All parts are heavily weighted, so it will take time to find the right combination.
Therefore I do not have many litters, when the time comes max one litter a year, but more likely a litter every second year.

For me the goal is to breed beautiful working dogs that will also do well in the showring. Dogs that are eligible to be wonderful family dogs and works well with other animals!

There are no guarantees that I can accive this, but I spend much time to gather a lot of knowledge about the lines around the world for later use.
I am also following the many combinations around the world and see how they grow up, both on the positive and negative side.

I am very focused on genetics and lines and I am doing much deskwork to find even the smallest detail ahead.

There is no perfect dog and I could never be able to make the perfect dog, but the goal is to try to get as close as it is now possible!  :o)


A good mentality means everything. I take great pride in the dogs I have, which I will use in breeding, also represent the Toller in the finest manner.
A mentality of a Uncomplicated dog, which initially has a positive attitude to all living animals is a must. Our animals are socialized with so many different animals as it is now possible.

Both Noah was and Sessan and Gustav has been used to come with me to a riding school owned by a good friend and have hade the opportunity to say hello to all the horses. Sessan and Gustav has also taken a step further and tried to sit on a horse  :o)
Now next generation Tristan and Daisy often come with me to the riding school and they do already feel comfortable running along side the horses when we go for a walk. For me it is very important that dogs learn to interact together with other animals.

Working Abilities

The Toller is a hunting dog and therefore it is very important to us that my kennel is trying to breed the best hunting / utility Toller. My experience around Toller is that they have some excellent hunting / working dogs. Very intelligent, with a large hunting-related instincts and a perseverance that makes them a dog handlers best and most faithful friend!

 Foto taget af Agneta Joonas
Noah and me

For me, the greatest asset of Toller as Hunting / Use are the Toller's intelligence. Time and again, I experienced, experienced retriever people become fascinated by how fast and easily trained they are. Think the biggest problem for Toller owners is that the smarter their Toller is, the more independent they become, :o) It then gives an extra challenge at the other end!

Billede er taget af Pia Trudslev Jensen

There is much hunting in the genes of most Tollers and the dogs I breed are no exception.


In order to get a good strong working dog, it is important that the dog has a good body and bone. In a hunting situation, the dog must be able to move, with easy, fast powerful steps over shaky ground (marsh area) without any problems.

Billede er taget af Anne-Lise Holte
Noah in a "flying" run through a marsh area in 2008

In addition, it must be enduring physical and therefore it is important that the dog has good racial typical morphological characteristic of Toller!
I therefore wont go for breeding of big dogs or too limbed dogs, but a medium type.
This also implies that breeding animals must at least have "Excellent" and "CK" (Champion Quality) several times, with good critiques from respected breed known judges.

 Noah at the top becoming BIG3/BOG3# at DKK int. Hilleroed 2009

In 2007 the Norwegian Toller Festival I experienced for the first time Tollers work in their right element. In a final round after a Tolling hunt test on dummies, were the best dogs, including my own Noah competing  for placement. The task was that the dogs were doing a water mark. But to get out of it and back again, they should first go through a large marsh area.

Some dogs were very reluctant to move through, while others were just too heavy. But Noah, however, he looked just perfect for this task and almost flew through the marshes to the dummie and straight back again without getting out of breath: o)

Another time Me and Noah was on a hunting course in Norway with friends, the dogs would work in a similar area with marsh tussocks that floated on the water. Again they had to work their way upstairs as well as up and down from these mounds in the water. And again showed Noah himself perfectly for this purpose.

Since then, I have not been in doubt as to the type of Toller I will breed, that they must have the same structure as Noah and using his genetic material from his children and grandchildren, I will (if I'm lucky) be able to stick with this.

 Billede er taget af Anne-Lise Holte
Noah who enjoys working in water. (From training weekend in Norway 2008)