Redborn Ready For First
Owned by Merethe Steentofte






Journey 5 month old

About Journey

Journey is a lovely bitch with a nice personality. She has the most beautiful white markings as we see so rarely in Tollers. Beautifully built with good strong bones and angles.
Ever since she was only a few weeks old It was obies that this little girl was very very smart. She and her brother Tristan has planned many bagholds attack on the others in the litter box and no doubt who was the "mastermind" behind them :o)
When she was 6 month old she surprised us all by going out and finding my mother's glasses as my mother at that time was searching for them. Journey had overheard her ask my dad about them and rushed over to find them and then proudly came up to my mother and delivered them.
Along with her ​​intelligence is also a sensitivity that can result in that she is a little cautious when she comes in unknown new situations. She is very focused on the one she is attached to and be more obedient than you might otherwise expect from a big puppy. She has a healthy dog language and is a good and loving girl who loves to lay in bed and snuggle if you let her.
I have brought her to my good friend's riding school just like the other dogs walking next to a large Pony. Journey is just like the rest of the dog family and think it is the greatest thing ever.
Journey has a lot of will to please, this means that she is very eager to work and most of all want to "cooperate" and learn new things.
She is quiet when she is working and very concentrated. With Journey, you can plunge into almost anything when it comes to training. Ex she was the first of his siblings Tristan and Daisy who jumped into the lake and swam around as if it "just" was something you did.

She is my mothers dog and the plan is to start obedience training with her and eventually partisipate at some Obedience tests.
Along the way she will also in the future get trained together with the other dogs on both game retrieving and perhaps some gametracking.

I look forward to seeing what will become of this beautiful lovely girl as she grows up.


Born :    28 of November 2011


HD :
AD :
   Eyes :  
Heart :
Thyroid :
Jadd :
CP1 :
  Height :
Weight : 

Other :

A (Excellent)
0 (Excellent)
A (Clear)
A  (Clear)
Normal (Clear BP)
Normal (Clear BP)
- 47 cm  (20 Md.)
- 19 kg  (20 Md.)


Hunting Function Description (10th of may 2013)

Wont be shown because of a Undershoot bite that disqualify her in a showring