Redborn First Contact
Owned By Tinna Soerensen and Rune Gori
Living in Koege/Denmark






About Dixie

Dixie is a DREAM DOG. I've have been longing after this breed for 4 years, and finally had time and money to it.

She is my next competition partner in Agility, and until she is old enough we concentrate on the obedience in DCH  100%

Dixie is great to work with. Incredibly willing to learn, and very, very aware and keep an eye on the slightest sign.

Dixie evolves absolutely amazing. She is like so many other Tollers little reserved with people she does not know, but if she simply self allowed to come over when she is ready, there are no problems.

She is super good with all kinds of dogs. She is together with dogs that usually respond "aggressively" towards other dogs. She can be with the dominant and with the very careful. She plays well with very small and very large dogs and young and old.

Dixie is very sensitive and a very soft dog. She is not pleasing sick so you have to earn to work with her. It provides a fantastic cooperation and a very close connection between us. She stands by my side through thick and thin!


Born :    28 of November 2011


HD :
AD :
  Eyes :
DM :
CP1 :
  Height :
Weight : 

  A/A (Excellent)
0/0 (Excellent)
A (Clear)
A  (Clear)
Normal  (Clear BP)
Normal  (Clear BP)
Normal  (Clear BP)
Normal  (Clear BP)
47 cm   (3 year)
19,6 kg (3 year)


Qualified for Danish Championship in B class 2015
(Became nr. 29 out of 35)
Qualified for DCH A Class 2016

DCH B class
 190.1(max 200) 1/25
 182.3(max 200) 4/
 180.0(max 200)

Working Retriever Test
Not approved (shaked the dummy other than that perfect)


Wont be shown because of a Undershoot bite that disqualify her in a showring


Hunting Function Description (10th of May 2013)
Mental Function Description (MH) 08th June 2013)



Redborn First Contact