Sessan became the bitch I just had to have <3

Sessan 4 weeks old , when she did this, I just knew right away that this was my Sessan <3

Sessan 7 weeks old tjekking me out while the other siblings are watching daddy Noah un wrap a gift he got.

Sessan 9 weeks old

Daddy Noah and Sessan working together. He was an excellent teacher and so is Sessan with her offsprings.

When working with a toller you need to have a lot of humor

When Sessan was 8 month old she got approved Working trial with max points as youngest dog entered.
When Noah sired his first litter, it was long time ago decided that I should have a bitch from this litter. With 4 girls to choose from, I probably thought it would be difficult, but I was soo wrong :o)

Sessan had charmed me and even though everyone else told me to wait with my final decision until the pups was at least 7 weeks, I choose her here with my heart when they were only 4 weeks <3


When Sessan was little she already then showed some amazing skills. I let her try a short blood tracking trail and she didn't need any guidence before she had tracked through it like a real prof.
A couple of days after we came into the same area and she showed me the track start and then ran through the track again.. I was amazed <3
Lately she once again tried a little gametracking and she was so cool went right through it and found the deer skin. I was very impressed with her. 3 years after trying gametracking last time ;)

 Sessan has shown me that they inherited instincts in Tollers can be so strong that the various hunting disciplins do not have to be trained so much. the most important thing is to have obedience in place if you wanna succed at the huntingtests with a dog like Sessan...
Yeah still need to work on that some more, because with those excellent skill's also come a very highly intelligent dog who want's to be in controle and try to convince you that she knows best ;o).

Sessan 2 years old

Sessan is a beautiful bitch and does have several championships to prove it. she loves the show ring and likes to show. She was at the age of 3 International Champion and in 2016 she won veterans at the worlds biggest dogshow Crufts

Sessan BOS at big Swedish Dogshow just turned 2 years.

In november 2011, 2013 and 2014 Sessan had litters. She have been amazing the whole way through, She love her babies and they love her. love it when she occationally meet those who have moved away from home. Mommy Sessan is still the best <3